We love big challenges. And Kibus launch was a huge one. A perfect chance to test our skills from the very beginning of an exciting project.


If there is something we really love is being part of the unforgettable first steps of a project, uncertain moments in which every decission counts. Not difficult imagine our excitement when Kibus got to us with less than a year. Nowadays, more than a year and hundreds of deccisions after that first moments, our offspring has became a successful market place with potential to have a deep impact over the industry.

client and agency TOGETHER

passion and eagerness

Two words which define every single step of this heartbreaking project and the causes why we fell in love with it from our first contact with the consumer. An optimistic family business run by 3 extremelly skilled entrepreneurs chose us for its online deveopment. Weren’t these enough reasons to get on board and share their unique philosophy?

it’s all about CONTENT

taste & feel

Visual content was essential to success in our main task: replicate a one-of-its-kind shopping experience into a digital environment. We needed our audience to be able to taste, smell and feel through a screen. To that purpose, we put our efforts in creating hi-quality photos and videos without losing the authenticity which defines traditional food markets.

the power of ADVOCACY

From the very first moment, we understood that Kibus was a very particular kind of business, focused on human to human relationships and attention to details. We soon realized that the key to success was in house, an easy thought which lead us to a strategical decission: our efforts would be put in turning our customers into our best digital ambassadors.

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a case study from LOCAL to digital